Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh: Osho’s Sannyasins

The Bhagwan managed to attract a lot of women to his movement. Give up your relationships, children, and explore your sexuality. Give all your money and talents to the movement. What could go wrong? Well, a lot:

An object of media fascination and horror, Rajneesh is known for his bi­zarre revelations on sex. He has con­structed a vision of the New Man that repudiates all prior norms and tradi­tions. Man, by Rajneesh’s thinking, is the hedonist-god, fully autonomous (barring the inner voice of Rajneesh), and free to carve out the cosmos in his own image. He is the sovereign pleasure seeker, self-transcender, who owes nobody anything. The family is anathema, children extra trash. And so long as the Neo-sannyasin has the money the fun ride continues. After­ward, however, he or she is usually a non-functional casualty. Homicides, rapes, mysterious disappearances, threats, fires, explosions, abandoned ashram children now begging in Poona’s streets, drug busts — all done by those amazing hybrids in red who believe they are pioneering new and daring redefinitions of the word “love.”

Osho with Sheela

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